A week or so ago, I mused on Why Filipino Youth are Hooked with Video Games. It’s a great way to bond with friends and build a community, especially among guys.I was surfing through the net randomly, when I came across this Internet Addiction Test. I took the test. The test asked about my online habits and Internet usage. At least it told me that:

You are an average on-line user. You may surf the Web a bit too long at times, but you have control over your usage.

Hahah. Good thing I’m not yet an Internet Addict! Take care friends, there is such a thing as Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). It started out as a hoax, perhaps because of the desire of one guy to get recognition about it. But then again, internet usage has grown in the past few years. In the United States, there are about 9 Million Americans who are Internet addicts, or pathological computer users. On the other hand, there are about 5-10 percent of online users in the United Kingdom. In Asia, the highest incidence of internet addiction are in China, Taiwan and South Korea, where about 30% of South Koreans below 18 years old have a tendency to be addicted to the Internet.In the Philippines, we do not have data yet about the incidence of Internet Addiction. Perhaps, we need one pretty soon, especially with a lot of young people going online everyday and even skipping classes because of the Internet and video games!If you are suffering from Internet Addiction, or even Video games addiction for that matter, then you might have to seek help. Go get an accountability partner like a trusted friend, a family member or a mentor who can check your internet habits and your video game playing habits. If you have a PC and internet connection at home, then consider uninstalling video games. For Internet addiction, you can also install, content control software.The best defense to internet addiction, or any addiction for that matter, is still a clear view of what you want in life and self-discipline!