Save Time by Scheduling Your BPI Transactions via BPI Express Assist Online

I’m a big, big fan of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). I’ve been with them since 2006 and I didn’t have any cause to leave them. That’s why I’ve kept my deposit accounts with them for the longest time.

Not only that, I believe that BPI is one (if not THE) of the most innovative banks in the Philippines. I love a lot of their products and the technologies they come up with. But for the sake of this post, I’ll only share one particular system I use a lot: the BPI Express Assist or BEA.

How the BPI Express Assist system works

If you go to the branches of BPI, you’ll see about 3-4 touch screen terminals where you input the details of our transaction. You just enter your account number, the nature of your transaction and the amount involved. Your information will go directly to their system and you get a number.

But did you know that if you enrolled in the online banking system of BPI (, you can also schedule your transactions online!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1.  Log into your BPIExpressOnline account. Then hover your mouse cursor over “Other Services”. Click on BPI Express Assist Online.


 Step 2. Click on Schedule an appointment. Click “OK”


Step 3. Select your bank: Either BPI or BPI Family Bank. 


Step 4. Choose the Town or City and Branch you intend to visit, including the time of your transaction. 

Here’s a tip. Your online BEA transaction is good for 30 minutes, during which your reference number will be called. I suggest that you go to your bank within 5 minutes of your chosen schedule.



Step 5. Choose your transaction type (Deposit, Withdrawal, Encashment, or Bills Payment.)


Step 6. Enter the account number and the amounts involved.


Step 7. Review your transaction for potential errors. Click “Confirm.”


Step 8. Wait for your reference number to be shown by the website. You’ll need this when you enter the bank and fulfill your transaction.


There you go. It’s very simple and straightforward. If you do this every time you need to make a deposit, or withdraw money, schedule them thru BPI Express Assist beforehand.



  1. Is this BEA transaction applicable until now?
    I can’t find “BPI Express Assist Online” in the recent BPI application

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