Have you seen the Dove commercial about true beauty? The one playing the song “True Colors”? I saw it again in YouTube while looking for video clips on self-esteem of youth. I was supposed to deliver a talk about the issue. I’m sharing the video here from You Tube.

Our culture seems to be obsessed with beauty, a slim figure, intelligence, and all about being good looking. There’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t hurt to be pretty and beautiful. But things can easily take turns for the worse. If it’s any indication, the beauty and cosmetics industry is raking in billions of dollars in profits all over the world. A lot of women do not feel beautiful.Men are no exception. Since we seem to be bred for competition, if we are not able to rise above the competition, it is so easy to feel like such a loser!No wonder a lot of young people have low self-esteem. It’s tricky sometimes how a low self-esteem can be easily masked by arrogance, bullying and deviant behavior. Well, self-esteem starts in the family. That’s why our parents often affirm us by saying “ganda ng anak ko ah…” or “galing ng anak ko ah…”Although the love of parents is great. It is not what all that we need. We also have to learn to understand our identity and establish our self-worth. More than that, we should guard our thoughts against unjust accusations and put downs.Ladies out there, if your self-esteem is just a tad too low, then go sing along with TLC’s Unpretty! 😀