Setup Your Homepage Chapter Resources

Here are additional books, blogs, and resources you can check out in relation to Chapter 5 of “Start Up: Find your place. Engage the world. Sustain your life.” These are great resources on the subject of identity and personality. Whenever possible, we’ve also included the places where you can a copy of these resources online and off.

Blogs and Websites

A thoughtful piece on calling from Relevant Magazine: Your Calling is Closer than You Think.

A good set of questions to ask from Huffington Post: Finding Your Calling.


What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 by Tina Seelig.

Written by a Stanford University Professor, Tina Seelig, the book tackles a number of advice for young people, especially those who are getting ready to face the real world. Tina Seelig also advocates not only pursuing your passion, but offering something to the market for you to become productive and competitive. Available via National Bookstore and


Got other resources?

Feel free to share with us other resources you may come across so others can benefit from those.

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