Notes on Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life by Tonianne DeMaria Barry & Jim Benson


ISBN: 1453802266
READ: 15 Jan 2015, REREAD: 28 Dec 2015
RATING: 9/10

I’m on a quest to improve the way I understand and do my work. I’ve read several books on Productivity: Getting Things Done by David Allen, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, and the Pomodoro Technique to name a few.

This book, Personal Kanban, is the one I have adopted in 2015 as my main productivity system. I first read it back in January 2015, and with 2016 just around the corner, I decided to reread it and tweak/improve my productivity system.

Here are my notes from the book:

Chapter 1: The Basics of Personal Kanban

Tools should give you control and not take anything.

Personal Kanban is a visual representation of work that makes the conceptual tangible. It shows what needs to be done, what is complete, what is being delayed, and what is going on at this precise moment. (loc 217 of 2222)
We were visualizing work, limiting our work-in-progress, pushing decision-making to the last responsible moment, and continuously striving to improve. We learned that understanding our work is the key to controlling it.
Premature prioritization was ultimately a waste of my time. Prioritization for personal work is highly contextual.
Personal Kanban has to be endlessly flexible. It needs to be a system that abhors rules. It’s an enigma. A process that hates process.

Key Concepts: Throughput and Work-in-Progress

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Can You Implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done?

I like reading and thinking about time management and productivity. I’ve read this book and although it seems a bit complicated, it offers many practical tips that we can implement in our daily work lives.

David Allen GTDGetting Things Done by David Allen is perhaps one of the most comprehensive time management system available. He has written a 267-page book detailing all the processes you need to implement with the Getting Things Done system.

We are beset with so many things in our daily work lives. Just take a look at your own workplace, the demands imposed by your boss, the number of emails you have to answer, in short, you are harried from all corners by the so many time management woes!

David Allen began his book by describing what “Stuff” is. Not surprisingly, we do have lots of stuff in our personal and professional lives! If you do not manage stuff, you will inundated by so many impossible demands and you will live a clutter-full life!

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