Three Things to Watch Out and Blog About – Youth, ICT and Technology

After my blog post on Disruption, I suddenly realized the importance of momentum. When you get disrupted, whatever momentum you accumulated evaporate into thin air! That’s probably why Multitasking doesn’t work either. You keep getting disrupted, you can’t get sufficient force to defy gravity!

Before I went to the US for our annual meeting on Sep 20-27, I was already doing a once-a-day posting in this blog. My Twitter and Facebook accounts were very active. I even signed up with Hootsuite to help me manage my Social Media campaigns.

Well, disruption happened.

Fast forward to today. I think I just got my blogging mojo back. And I’m back with a vengeance!


Thanks to a book by Rob Salkowitz entitled “Young World Rising,” I remembered the primary reason why I’m blogging.

I want to help young people realize their God-given potentials and use it to improve their lives and the world they live in!

That is a recurring passion I’ve had before. That led me to resign from a high-paying corporate job in 2006 to serve full-time with the United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines. I didn’t receive any salary from the organization. I only received reimbursement for program-related expenses. But that’s another story for another time. But I promise, I will blog about it soon. 🙂

Back to “Young World Rising.

I’ve had this book since late 2010. I read it from cover to cover while I’m travelling on a plane or bus. The ideas of the book gripped me, shook me, and built in me a hope for the future of the Philippines, and of the world, too!

And then last week, I saw an INFOGRAPHIC from telling us that the median age of Filipinos is currently at 23.1 years old! That’s why our country is sitting at a demographic sweet spot, which can help propel the growth of the country in the coming years!

That’s precisely the topic of “Young World Rising” – the Net Generation (Millennials) in the developing and less developed countries are rising.

The central premise of Rob Salkowitz is that there are three things that we need to watch out for—Youth, Information & Communication Technology, and Entrepreneurship.

Rob Salkowitz wrote in the Introduction:

“The optimism, energy, and entrepreneurial spirit of youth are channeled through the medium of information networks, driving sustainable growth by creating new markets and better solutions to local and global problems….

“Three forces are reshaping the world of the 21st century: youth, ICT, and entrepreneurship. Each is powerful on its own, as demonstrated by a wealth of statistics and analyses. Together, they have the potential to fire like the pistons of high-performance engine, each building on and reinforcing the others’ impact and driving the global economy in new directions, at high velocity.”

Youth. Information and Communications Technology. Entrepreneurship.

Three interconnected forces shaping our world today.

And that’s what I will be watching out for and blog about!



If you want to get a copy of the book, you can purchase it via Amazon. Click here. [affiliate link]

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