Our office is sponsoring a huge event in Kansas City this week: #Youth2019. We’re expecting more than 3,000 youth and youth workers to come worship God, have fun, and learn more about their faith.

I am here as part of the staff team of our office, Discipleship Ministries. I don’t really have a part in the program. But I am helping out behind the scenes: packing bags for participants, doing small tasks here and there, and just making myself available to help anybody.

This experience reminded me of all the Christmas Institutes I attended, organized, and helped out back in the Philippines. It’s always amazing to see young people and even adults come together to serve youth in the church.

Last year, I was at the helm of the organizing team for the Global Young People’s Convocation (GYPC) 2019. I understand the difficulties of putting together a big, complex event.

Kansas City is hot, and it will just get hotter as youth and their youth workers arrive and participate to the event.

Tonight I Packed Participants’ Bags for the Youth 2019 Event

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