by Mark Journey L. FerminPresident, United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the PhilippinesPangasinan Philippines Annual Conferencedelivered during the annual conference session of PPACTo our newly elected Bishop Rodolfo Juan and his wife, lay and clergy delegates, friends and visitors. May the grace and peace of God be with you all.It is my joy to deliver once again the youth address of Pang-PAC-UMYFP to this august body, where you can hear the voices of the youth and share with you the ideas, plans, vision, mission, goals and hopes of the youth to their fellowship, to the church and to the community they belong. Thanks to our God for giving us this opportunity and avenue to speak the voices and advocacies of the youth through this address.Our FellowshipThe United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines (UMYFP) or also known as the Kapatiran ng Nagkakaisang Kabataang Metodista sa Pilipinas (KNKMP) is the youth organization of the United Methodist Church in the Philippines. Its membership consists of young Methodists aging 12 to 23 who belong to the groups of high school and college students, out of school youth and young professionals with different needs and interests, however, they are active in participating in the affairs of the church and the society.Our Vision, Mission and GoalsVisionThe UMYFP as a wholistic, dynamic and self-sustained community of faith nurtured in the life and teachings of Christ and Wesleyan tradition as advocates of social holiness, leaders of ecumenism and ministers of the Great Commission.MissionThe UMYFP as an empowered community of faith committed in:

providing avenues for wholistic development of the youth;living out the Wesleyan tradition;intensifying evangelism and discipleship;strengthening fellowship and ecumenical ties;participating actively in transforming the nation;upholding the Constitution and By-Laws of the organization anddeveloping sustainable income generating programs.GoalsTo provide avenues for wholistic development of the youth, the UMYFP aims to:

develop youth to be good stewards, prayer warriors, evangelists and ministers;help the youth to be concerned with their health and to conduct recreational activities that also promote sportsmanship, camaraderie and fellowship;advance God-given talents and skills and use them for God’s glory; andto properly educate the youth on the relevant matters that directly affect their growth as individuals, partners, citizens and members of the society.To live out the Wesleyan tradition, the UMYFP aims to:

promote the life of John Wesley to its members.

To intensify evangelism and discipleship, the UMYFP aims to:

form cell groups in discipling and mentoring the youth;publish materials which will be circulated to all levels;provide programs and creative evangelism and caravaning; andopen opportunities for mission exposureTo strengthen fellowship and ecumenical ties, the UMYFP aims to:

create programs that build healthy relatinoships within the organization;encourage active participation to ecumenical, inter-denominational and inter-faith endeavors; andpromote awareness of the Biblical and Theological foundation of ecumenism through materials, studies, fora and trainings.To participate actively in transforming the nation, the UMYFP aims to:

redefine leadership as a process of reshaping individual commitment and responsibility;reach out, nurture and equip the youth to be socially-responsible persons of the society by organizing socially related programs and activities;encourage the youth to practice the right to vote;involve the youth in different socio-civic organization and community leadership; andpromote awareness and take a stand on issues that affect the country in general.To uphold the Constitution and By-laws of the organization, the UMYFP aims to:

promote awareness of the Constitution among the youth in order to develop some understanding about UMYFP through organizing and spearheading seminars, trainings and discussions;create a Module for teaching about the Constitution; andseek assistance from the church to organize activities in the discussion of the constitution.To develop sustainable income generating programs, the UMYFP aims to:

encourage its members to meet their financial obligations as provided for by the constitution;formulate strategic plans to provide continuous financial assistance to all programs; andallot sufficient and reasonable funds for every program to ensure implementation.A Future with Hope in the Perspectives of the YouthWe are now living in a world full of strife, violence, corruption and all kinds of sin. It seems that we can never have a better future and hope. However, let us not be discouraged or dismayed because despite of all these things there is hope–God, our only hope and the hope for all men and women.We are all clinging on this hope that gives life in death, light in darkness and joy in sorrow. We also firmly believe and we are confident enough that there is hope for the future if we just accept His gift–hope–as the Bible says in II Thessalonians 2:16, “May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope.”As we accepted this gift, let us share it to everyone because we, as an empowered community of faith, were called to be light in the world that lies in the darkness and shine like a beacon of love in the night and make the glory of God be known to all.Concluding RemarksNow you have heard our vision, our mission, our goals and our perspectives. It is our hope and prayer that the church will help and work with us to fulfill these things and put it into reality and to bear these burdens with us. Let us work hand-in-hand for His kingdom and glory.Let me end this address with a prayer, “Our God, holy and infinite, our living hope, we trust into your hands our future and we pray for you to continue to guide us as we journey towards a future with hope. Amen.”