Young people walked the streets of Grand Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States. They came from all over the United States and young adult came from the Philippines. It’s sad that the delegates from Africa didn’t make it! But nonetheless, it was a good start.

These young people are members of the Board of the Division on Ministries with Young People of the United Methodist Church.

It was an awesome collection of young people–amid the worship, singing, lots of eating, and ugh, lots of meeting, too! My colleague Hannah, had this to say of this bunch of  young people:

I have not been among such a diverse and bonded group of young people since I was in South Africa for the World Methodist Conference, and it was good for the soul. To see them learning about ministry in one another’s areas and truly coming to have a commitment to one another and the work they would do together over the next quadrennium was a joy.  In addition, it was exciting to see them grow in confidence over the week and to step up to take on leadership positions both within the Board and externally as representatives of the Board.  Worshiping together we learned new ways of worshiping and created new memories…

As for me, it was refreshing to see these young people get sold to the vision of the DMYP. It was also great to reconnect with colleagues who are based in Nashville, those who are deployed throughout the US, and of course Armindo, who’s our Staff person in Africa.

For Staff who are far away from the office, getting reconnected face-to-face certainly trumps connecting via Skype.

I came back to the Philippines with new enthusiasm for Young People’s Ministries in the Philippines. We only have three months left for the year 2012. And the next three months will be busy, intense, but rewarding!

Here’s a picture of us working on a re-drawing of a set of curiously drawn Angry Birds minus the pigs! 😀

DMYP Meeting in Nashville