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Hook na hook ang roommate ko sa TV series na Game of Thrones. Ang iba ko ding kaibigan ay ganun din. Dahil hit siya sa mga kakilala ko, sinubukan kong tignan ang series. Videography, characters, settings, conflict, and costumes ay malapelikula. Grabe ang pagkakagawa ng production! Ngunit, ang hindi ko masyadong na appreciate sa series ay ang brutality and boldness. I may not enjoy the killings and the low social status of women in the TV drama, but it taught me one thing—sacrifice.

In our Bible reading today, Ruth, a young widow sacrificed herself for her mother-in-law Naomi so they could be reinstated in the society as regular women, blessed with a family to take care of. Like Ruth, a character in Game of Thrones whose brother forced her to marry a barbarian leader to seek power and become king. She has no money and people to give to her brother to make him change his mind. She has nothing but her life.

Jesus Christ died on the cross once and for all (Hebrews 9:24) for our eternal salvation.

Hindi ba’t buhay din Niya ang inialay upang tayo’y maligtas sa kamatayan? Dahil din ito sa pagmamahal ng Panginoon sa katauhan. Ayun kay George Orwell illustrated in his book 1984 a person’s willingness to sacrifice his/her own life to protect what is precious to him/her. It may be ideology or a love interest. However, because human beings are sinful creatures, when faced by threats and death, a person would rather have his/her loved ones suffer than his/herself.

Ikaw? Hanggang saan ang kaya mung ibigay o isakripisyo para sa Diyos? Sa iyong paninindigan? Sa iyong pananampalataya?

Following Christ Jesus is a risky business.

It requires us to give all that we have, leave our comfort zones and even families to go or do where and what God wants us. Mark 12:41-44 tells a story of a poor widow who was poor in status and wealth, gave two pennies, which is all that she has, into the altar offering box. The poor widow could have just saved her money to buy some food or save it for another day, yet she invested it to God. And God is not blind to recognize that, for Jesus has said, “I assure you, this poor widow has given more than all the others have given (verse 43).”

Guide Questions for group discussion:

1. Anong mga bagay-bagay ang itinuturing mong mahalaga sa’yo?
2. Can you give them up for an unseen future?
3. What are the factors that hinder you from responding to what you’re called for?

God is a god of abundance and grace.

When He asks us to give up all that we have for His glory, He means giving up worthless things and gain treasurers that lasts. God also promised us that once we follow Him there are struggles along the way—requires risk taking. Are you willing to risk all that you’ve got to the God of eternal life?

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