What are Blogs and Websites?

By the end of 2012, there were 634 Million websites in the world according to Pingdom.com. Of that number, 51 Million were new websites added for that year.

That’s quite a lot!

On the other hand, Technorati reports that there are more than 70 Million blogs in the world right now.

Para sa mga nagkaka-nosebleed na, websites and blogs are similar but not exactly. A website is a group of webpages under a single domain name. A domain name is what you type at the address bar of a browser. Parang ganito lang: ang domain name ng website na ito ay http://MightyRasing.com. Pwedeng may WWW, pwede namang wala.

What is a website?

Technically, ang isang website ay parang libro na nasa computer na pwedeng basahin through a web browser. Ang mga example naman ng browser ay Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, o kaya Google Chrome. At kung magbabasa ka ng website, may mga hyperlinks na clickable. At kapag nag-click ka, dadalhin ka sa isang panibagong page ng website.

Nosebleed ba? Medyo lang. Mayroon kasing mga bagay na madaling butingtingin at gamitin pero nahihirapan tayong i-explain, di ba?

Basta ganito na lang. Kapag naglog-on ka sa computer, and you typed Gmail.com, Yahoo.com, Facebook.com, or NBA.com, lahat ng mga iyan ay website. They all have text, images, some videos, and many links to other websites. Some websites sell goods and services, others provide email services; there are social networking sites, and there are video-sharing sites; there are news websites and there are photo-sharing sites. And there are blogs.

What are blogs?

A blog is a kind of website. It came from the root word “web log”. In the adolescence of the Internet, blogs were nothing more than online diaries: their owners wrote about their lives, their daily experiences, the food they eat, and the stuff they hate about life. Eventually, the subject matter of blogs became varied. Some featured cars and auto-related topics, some were about personal finance. Others covered technologies and gadgets. Still, others featured news and gossips about celebrities and famous people. Actually, if you have a hobby or a house repair project, there’s usually a blog about it.


In the 1990s, businesses were the only ones (with a few exceptions, of course) who built websites. Those were the early days of the Internet and the Web’s rise to popularity. But that has changed in the 21st century. The Internet and the Web has given ordinary individuals the platform to raise their voice and push their message to the rest of the world. Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter if you have a message or not. The medium is literally the message!

In fact, I know several Filipino bloggers who earn $500 to $4,000 per month because of their blogs.

If you want to explore the kinds of blogs being written and maintained by Filipinos these days, just visit TopBlogs.com.ph and you’ll see thousands of Filipino blogs there.

However, I do hope you would notice this, too. While there are many personal and commercial blogs out there, quality blogs that also talk about faith are sorely lacking. Kulang na kulang tayo sa mga blogs na may puso at pananampalataya!

If you ever decide to blog, I hope you start blogging out of your passion and interests. And as I said in a rant about AUTHENTICITY a few weeks back, I do hope that it would also feature your faith and its impact on your life and your work.

If you want to take that next step to start your own blog, please visit the following guides I’ve written:

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So, alam mo na ba kung ano ang blog at ang website? If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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About the Author: Mighty Rasing

Mighty is the Philippine staff of Young People's Ministries, the youth ministry agency of the United Methodist Church. He blogs about youth ministry, transformational leadership, social media, a little bit of Ilocano literature, and the occasional rants. The views and opinions posted here is Mighty's own and does not necessarily reflect that of YPM.

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