What to Do with Your Life Plan


Having a plan is good. But a plan is just a plan until you start building it. Can you really say you have a house based on the blueprint or plan you possess?

Nope. So after writing down your life plan and working through your timeline, here are several things you need to do with your life plan.

Be constantly reminded of your plan.

Print your vision statements and your plan place it where you could be reminded of it. You could even create what they call a vision board: complete with photos and images to remind you of your plan.

Share your vision sparingly.

Don’t go about babbling and boasting about your vision. That rarely works! If your vision looks too ambitious, your friends and relatives might even discourage you, or worse, laugh at you!

Share your vision only with the right people—people who can help you, give you constructive criticism, and people you want to recruit as part of your support team!

Review your vision regularly.

Forget about New Year’s Resolutions. Whenever the year ends and a new one begins, bring out your vision journal and review your progress. Look at the past year, the problems you’ve faced, the successes you’ve had and the decisions you made. Were they in line with your plan?

Sometimes, your vision statement may change. Make sure to reflect that in your vision journal so you can track your progress. Did I mention that keeping a journal helps you keep track of your plans? I just did. 🙂

When faced with major decisions, consult your vision.

As a young professional, major decisions will come to you soon enough. Perhaps, your first major decision is where to work. Consult your vision. Assess your options. Pray about it. Decide!


Faith is so powerful that it can move mountains! Believe in your vision. Believe that you have what it takes to make it come true. In the 1980s, Microsoft’s vision was “a computer in every home running Microsoft software.” In the 1980s, this sounded absurd and totally impossible. But this is our reality now!


Even if it seems impossible. Even if you’ll make sacrifices. Even if the road is long. Commit. If you want to do anything meaningful, there’s a price to be paid… the bigger the vision, the higher the price.

Whatever your vision and plan is, hold on. Keep working at it, and in due time, you will reap the rewards of your labor.

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