Welcome to the first ever episode of our Young Adult Leader in Focus interviews. For this month, our young adult leader in focus is Mr. William Tolentino, the current National President of the United Methodist Young Adult Fellowship in the Philippines (UMYAFP). He is also one of the top sales executives of Novartis Philippines.During his leadership, Kuya William spearheaded the first National level Caravan Mission with Tribal Filipinos. This mission project, funded by the Division on Ministries with Young People was meant to reach out to indigenous Filipinos, particularly the Aetas, in Sitio Ye Young, Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac. The project is now on its second run at Sitio Alunan, which is also located in Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac.

Mr. Tolentino hails from the United Methodist Church in Mexico, Pampanga where he continues to serve as an active lay leader and as the choir director. Even with his busy schedule, he finds time to really minister with his local church. He also remains as a very active young adult leader of Pampanga Philippines Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

I was able to interview Kuya William back in May before the Student Methodists Active in Campus Kirk (SMACK) Forum. I met with him at his favorite resto, Max’s Restaurant in San Fernando, Pampanga. Ask Rev. Mike of the DMYP, any National officer of the UMYAFP and they will tell you that they always remember Kuya William upon seeing any Max’s Restaurant.

In this interview, Kuya William talks about his experiences in growing up as a young Methodist and how he became a leader among Methodist youth and eventually among young adults. Watch the video and enjoy. Just don’t mind the noise of spoon and fork clashing with plates and the occasional waiter passing behind Kuya William! 😀

Young Adult Leader in Focus: William Tolentino

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