The past two weeks had been extremely busy! I felt like I was chasing after so many deadlines and this week was full of troubleshooting. At least, I’ve had moments of joy and enjoyment and fun although I was also worried and anxious most days of the week. I attended two youth summer camps since last weekend. The Good Samaritan United Methodist youth held their summer camp at the Green Farm Resort, Ligas, Malolos City, Bulacan. It was about 1 kilometer away from the Sta. Rita exit of the North Luzon Expressway. The place was… hmmm what could I say… green! The paint of the place was green, vines (natural ones) crawled the function halls and they were all over the place. I had 5 members in my Bible Study session so we fit perfectly in one of the huts near the function hall. How I wished I brought extra shorts–the swimming pool was great and inviting. Too bad, I didn’t! Instead of swimming I just had a good chat with some of the youth of Good Sam. On top of the Bible Study sessions I led, I also participated in the musical presentation of our group. I also became the de facto Mar Roxas in our commercial spoof!! I missed participating in such affairs. When I was younger… not that I’m already old (hahah), I almost never missed any summer camp, Christmas institute and youth activities in our church. Apart from the laughters and the fun, I also learned a lot from these youth activities. They surely prepared me for the challenges I am facing now. Check out some of the pictures of the Good Samaritan youth camp. More pictures at my multiply site. 


I’ve been busy with the details of the Campus Ministry conference I’ve been organizing. You could imagine my anxieties and worries. I felt like I couldn’t fix just about everything. The good thing is that when I felt I was at my limit, I simply knew that God was at work through my circumstances. True enough, I haven’t solved every problem that came up yet. But I know that everything will be okay with the help of God.