Mighty Rasing

mighty rasing

My name is Mighty Rasing. I’m a ministry (faith-based, nonprofit) professional building & managing relationships with international partners.

I’m husband to Charina, and Tatay (daddy) to Malcolm and Caspian. This website is where I write about things related to my work: faith & ministry (usually related to Methodist Christianity), leadership, and young people’s issues.

I have more than a decade of experience working in international ministry settings. I have led the planning, organizing, and implementation of an international young people’s event. I have worked with young leaders in Africa and Asia in the areas of leadership development and faith formation.

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As a writer, I have published three (3) books in the Philippines.

As a communicator, I have co-hosted an award-winning radio program in the largest Christian broadcasting company in the Philippines, and produced and hosted 50 episodes of a podcast helping young adults discover and pursue their calling.


Building and managing relationships with international ministry partners.

More recently, I took on the role of building and managing relationships with my employer’s international ministry partners. My role is to convene strategic conversations, discover the bright spots, needs, and challenges of our partners while looking for ways to collaborate and work together. Along the way, I serve as a broker of knowledge between our partner, our organization, and our broader constituency.

Publishing Teams in the Philippines and various countries in Africa

I oversee the operations of fifteen (14) Publishing Teams in Africa and one (1) in the Philippines. The organization I work for has invested on these publishing years almost a decade ago. We are helping them raise indigenous thought leaders and publish books in their local languages while moving toward sustainable operations.


Deployment of e-Readers in colleges and universities in Africa

Together with another organizational partner, I oversee the deployment of e-Readers in various colleges and universities in Africa, helping students use newer textbooks they would not otherwise have access to.

My work has enabled me to work with leaders from around the world in the area of leadership development, faith formation, publishing, deployment of eReaders in colleges and universities in Africa,

Global Young People’s Convocation (GYPC, 2014 & 2018)

The GYPC is the once every 4 years event for youth, young adults, and youth workers of The United Methodist Church. This gathering brings together young people for worship and celebration, faith formation, leadership development, and conversation about different issues facing the church and the world.

In 2014, I led the host team in the Philippines, coordinating various aspects of the events: from visa processing, volunteer recruitment, coordination with the venue, transportation, and other needs of the event.

Our venue got destroyed by a very strong typhoon. With quick thinking and with the support of our strong team, we managed to evacuate over 400 international participants to a different venue and still continued with the conference.

In 2018, I served as the overall director of the GYPC with the help of a design team and an event manager. More than 330 participants from 40 countries attended the event in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Holy Land Trip for Young Adult Leaders (2017, 2019)

I co-led a small international group of 10-12 young adults in a Holy Land Pilgrimage to learn about the intersection of faith, leadership, and conflict in the land where Jesus walked and conducted his ministry.

Annual Young Leaders Summit in the Philippines and in Africa (2013-2018)

I directly organized and implemented this learning and training event for young leaders in the Philippines. After moving to Nashville in 2015, I supervised our staff person in the Philippines and in Africa in organizing this event.

Each year from 2013-2018, we brought together a group of 19-25 young leaders to learn about leadership principles from their own cultural contexts and identify ways that they can meaningfully contribute as young leaders.

A Crazy Story:

Resigning from a well-paying job to be a full-time volunteer

I served as the National President of the United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines from June 2006 – May 2008. To make this ministry possible, I did a crazy thing and resigned from a budding career, with a good salary level I should add, in the Business Process Outsourcing industry in the Philippines. My ministry was a volunteer position with no salary. But God provided for my needs, and I learned so many things about freelancing, and sustaining myself while doing ministry.

I joined Young People’s Ministries as its Philippine Staff in March 2009 and served in that capacity until the end of March 2015. Together with my family, I have since relocated to Nashville, TN USA for my new role. I work with youth and young adult leaders all over the world in the areas of faith formation, leadership development, and advocacy.

Books I’ve written

I have written three books.

Start Up: Find your place. Engage the World. Sustain Your Life. This book is for new college graduates who want to discover their calling and engage the world meaningfully and in a sustainable way.

May Powers Ka to be #SuperEpic A leadership book for youth and teenagers, written in conversational Taglish (a mixture of Tagalog and English), that uses superheroes in inspiring young people to use their potentials to create a big impact to their world.

Get a Life Online: Tips & Tricks Para sa Hardcore na Netizen The Web, Social Media and the Internet has become an integral part of our lives. How do we use its potentials for good? How do we avoid the pitfalls? And how can we use its power to express our faith? These are the questions that the book answers.