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Highest Paying Jobs for Fresh Graduates

You wanna know what the highest paid jobs in the Philippines are? Jobstreet.com, which is perhaps the number 1 jobs website in the country today, released five sets of infographics back in June 2013. This set of statistics may be a little old as things online tend to be, but it’s still a good indication of the stronger industries in the country today.

Jobstreet has access to the level of salary of every single job being uploaded in its database, these averages are reliable. They are a good indication of what you can expect from the market.

Take these numbers as one of your considerations in building your career. As I said in my book, Start-up, money should not be the primary goal of a worker, rather it is in offering services and making the world a better place.

Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates


  1. Legal Services – P23,348
  2. Corporate Strategy – P20,962
  3. Personal Assistant – P20,946
  4. Education – P20,776
  5. Real Estate – P20,592
  6. Customer Service – P19,769
  7. Performing Arts – P19,766
  8. Aircraft Maintenance – P19,518
  9. Publishing – P19,180
  10. Auditor – P19,062

Highest Paying Jobs for Junior Executives (1-4 years experience)


  1. Oil and Gas Engineer – P40,878
  2. Aircraft Maintenance – P33,564
  3. IT – P32,873
  4. Instrumentation – P25,650
  5. Tech Support – P25,634
  6. Journalist – P25,560
  7. Public Relations – P25,078
  8. Chemical Engineer – P25,008
  9. Executive Assistant – P24,961
  10. Quantity Surveying – P24,841


Highest Paying Jobs for Supervisors


  1. IT -P55,701
  2. Engineer – P42,548
  3. Database Admin – P37,985
  4. Tech Support – P35,999
  5. Actuarial Science – P35,320
  6. Microbiologist – P32,999
  7. Accountant – P32,725
  8. Legal Services – P32,312
  9. Advertising – P31,809
  10. Public Relations – P30,740


Highest Paying Jobs for Managers


  1. Technical Support – P115,000
  2. QA – P107,205
  3. Quantity Surveying – P95,859
  4. Oil and Gas Engineer – P86,416
  5. Top Management – P81,348
  6. Aircraft Maintenance – P79,041
  7. Legal Services – P78,819
  8. Communications – P72,446
  9. IT – P67,509
  10. Nurse – P66,614

Highest Paying Jobs for Senior Managers


  1. Quality Control – P253,000
  2. Logistics – P220,000
  3. IT – P203,000
  4. Pharmacy – P200,000
  5. Legal Services – P189,375
  6. Advertising – P181,500
  7. Training & Development – P180,000
  8. Corporate Strategy – P177,133
  9. HR – P167,250
  10. Marketing – P151,500

Source: Jobstreet Press Release

2 thoughts on “Highest Paying Jobs for Fresh Graduates

  • Vir Silva
    January 27, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    Okay,this is quite a good idea but I’d also comment that we have to consider the bracket these companies are placing. Some are putting the maximum amount in JS but can give lower base pays especially if the applicant is a fresh graduate. 🙂

    Just a thought from someone working!

    • Mighty Rasing
      January 27, 2014 at 4:34 pm

      thanks for sharing your thoughts Vir. yes, these companues are probably at the higher end if the salary scale. A lot of them are probably multinational too

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