Jonathan and David: Birds, Arrowheads, War, and a Father’s Wrath

Birds of the same feather are the same birds, especially if they go to the same places, hang out at the same restaurants, play the same games, and even look alike together. Yet these birds of the same birds also make good feather-dusters if they fail to remain true to their friendship.

With this session, we will look at a very strong friendship that even family feuds and kingdom rivalry could not stop. David and Jonathan are two birds with different feathers yet they are true and loyal friends to the end.Storm Your Brains

1. Who’s your bestfriend?2. What do you like most about him/her?3. Have you ever faced a big problem together?4. What if you lose your bestfriend?

Spiritual Message for your Spirit (SMS)

Divide the group in two and study the following passages from the First Book of Samuel. Keep in mind as you read the passages that we want to discover several features and characteristics of the nature of the friendship of David and Jonathan.

Group 1: An Angry Dad, a Crazy King, and a friendship in between 1 Samuel 20

Group 2: Impressions, Bonding, and the Royal Family 1 Samuel 18:1-5; 2 Samuel 1:17-27

Q & A 

1. How did David and Jonathan become friends?2. How did they show their friendship with each other?3. What was King’s Saul attitude toward David? How did Jonathan respond to that?4. How would you describe the friendship of David and Jonathan?5. How did David feel about his friendship with Jonathan when Jonathan died?

Text Message

We see several characteristics of the friendship of David and Jonathan.Their friendship was developed based on mutual admiration and interest. They gave gifts to each other and even involved God in their friendship.Jonathan’s faithfulness was proven when he defied the crazy order of his father to kill David. Instead, he warned David about it. David mourned deeply when he knew about the death of Saul and Jonathan.When God is in a relationship, the bonds between friends go deeper and stronger.

Me, Myself, and I

• As a young Christian, how would I characterize my relationship with my bestfriend or friends? Is God involved in these friendships?• How can I involve God in my relationships?

Act It Out

Take your pen and your notebook and scribble a prayer, a poem, or a letter, or create an artwork dedicated to your bestfriend or friends. The next time you see each other, give it to him/her.

Bible Study: Jonathan and David

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