UMC Campus Ministry Part 3: Development of Resource Materials for the Actual Campus Ministry

Hello friends, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve posted several thoughts on youth and young adult ministries of the United Methodist Church in the Philippines. One of my posts that received attention is on campus ministry. That’s why I am posting here the model and concept paper that I have prepared over the past few months. If you want to implement this, please go ahead. Just give credit where credit is due. Thanks!

This is the Part 3 of a 6-part Series.

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This will be done in partnership with the Discipleship Resources-Philippines, together with the Board of Christian Education and Discipleship. We can use existing materials such as “Mga Hakbang sa Pananampalataya” written by Rev. Homer Wesley O. Refuerzo. It could also be a series of booklets derived from existing materials already developed by DRP and BCED.

While a more comprehensive curriculum could be developed, at least two series of materials need to be developed.

Series 1: Basics of Faith Series

Grace and Salvation
Jesus Christ
The Holy Spirit
Works of Piety: The Bible, Prayer, Fasting, Being in Community (Fellowship and the Church), Holy Communion, Healthy Living
Works of Mercy: Doing good, Visiting the sick & prisoners, Feeding and Clothing people, Generosity, Advocacy as Ministry

Series 2: Growing as a Christian Series

This could cover topics related to the development of Christian character, and other practical matters such as integrity, character, personal finance, discovering one’s calling, love life, relationships, and other practical topics.

Series 3: Leadership Development Series

This series will be specific for students who are being developed for leadership roles. It can cover the leadership principles of Jesus, strategies for reaching out to people as shown by Jesus and John Wesley. It should also include actionable challenges that helps students stretch their horizon and step out in faith.

Some materials for Christian living are already available from Discipleship Resources-Philippines, and the Board of Christian Education and Discipleship. However, they will need to be repackaged so as to reflect the BRANDING of the UMC’s Campus Ministry initiative.

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