Being parents of young kids can be overwhelming

It’s 12:46 am and we have just finished folding and packing away our laundry. We moved to a new apartment barely a week ago, so the house is still a mess.

We are slowly bringing order to our stuff. In 2015, my wife, son, and I arrived with five large suitcases and two boxes. Four years later, we have enough stuff to fill a three-bedroom apartment!

I didn’t mean to write about moving–though I have moved houses more than I care for since I was a child. But this just goes to show how hectic life could be with two young kids at home.

It’s the summer time here in Nashville. Our older son’s favorite words are “Can we…”, which is followed by all the exciting activities he wants to do: swimming, go to the playground, go to McDonald’s PlayPlace or Chic-fil-a, or just watch TV.

Our younger son is almost 8 months old, and he needs a lot of care and attention. I have a full-time job and my wife stays home with the kids. Being a mother is a full-time occupation and can never be compensated enough. Sometimes, I don’t even know how my wife manages our household and the demands of motherhood.

Last Sunday, in a community event organized by our church, I chatted with another dad who also has two young kids. He said that life goes so fast in your thirties when you have kids. I couldn’t agree more.

There are moments, though, when everything feels overwhelming…

  • when the baby is screaming and crying and big brother also demands attention, and lunch isn’t even ready yet
  • when you’re about to leave because you’re already late for church or an appointment but baby’s diaper needs changing
  • when you’re tired from a long day at the office and there’s a hundred chores at home waiting to be done, and you still want to be a good father by playing with the kids.

It can be hard. I have many moments of self-doubt and anxiety.

But the joys of seeing the glimmer of love and fun in my sons’ eyes, the smiles and laughter they share with me and my wife after a long day at work, the simple joys of being together… are simply priceless!

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