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Here are additional books, blogs, and resources you can check out in relation to Chapter 1 of “Start Up: Find your place. Engage the world. Sustain your life.” These are great resources on the subject of identity and personality. Whenever possible, we’ve also included the places where you can a copy of these resources online and off.

Blogs and Websites

Blogs are cool. You can read them. Learn from them. And the best thing is, they’re completely free!

Pinoy Strengths-Based Blog

Val Baguios III, a Filipino IT personnel at a top humanitarian organization with office here in Manila, has a blog that tackles the Strengths-based movement, which sprang from the book, “Now, Discover Your Strengths”, written by Marcus Buckingham. Val writes several reflections and suggestions on how you, too, can capitalize on your strengths as you do your job. Check out his blog at

Psychology Today Blogs

Psychology Today has a lot of blogs on its role. Do search for information about personality, temperament, and finding your personality type. The challenge, though, is to cut through the sheer number of articles at the site. Use their search function a lot and be critical in analyzing what you read.

Want to learn your own MBTI personality type? Go to this link and take the test. It takes about 5-10 minutes to do so. Other information on MBTI may be found here:


While blogs tend to be more current than some books, you just can’t discount the power of books in helping you grow as a person and as a career person.

Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Others by Florence Littauer

“In Personality Plus, Florence Littauer gives you valuable insight for appreciating your one-of-a-kind, God-given personality. She includes a Personality Profile test that reveals how your unique blend of traits affects your emotions, work performance, and relationships. Through humorous anecdotes and straightforward counsel, Personality Plus guides you to improve upon your strengths and correct your weaknesses. This engaging book also provides keys to understanding those around you. You’ll learn how to accept-and even enjoy-the traits that make each of us so different. Personality Plus is the tool you need to change your life, and the lives of those you care about, for the better.” (from the description of the book)

Available at National Bookstore and other major bookstores and also via

What Type Am I: Discover Who You Really Are by Renee Baron

This book covers the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in a fun and engaging way. So if you want to learn more about your personality and those of people around you, read this and understand yourself better. Available at National Bookstore and other major bookstores and also via

YOUnique by Jayson Lo

Jayson Lo put an interesting twist on the traditional DISC personality typing. While DISC is different from MBTI personality types, you can still learn about yourself and how you relate with others through this book.

Available via Jayson Lo’s blog and via National Bookstore.

The Spirit-Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye

One of the more ancient theories on personality is about our temperaments. While the Science may not be that spot on, its descriptions of personality are pretty good and you will end up nodding at its descriptions of personality. Tim LaHaye, though, points to the need for the control of the Spirit in all areas of life, including one’s temperament.

Available via OMFLit bookshops, National Bookstore and


Got other resources?

Feel free to share with us other resources you may come across so others can also benefit from those.

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