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Here are additional books, blogs, and resources you can check out in relation to Chapter 3 of “Start Up: Find your place. Engage the world. Sustain your life.” These are great resources on the subject of identity and personality. Whenever possible, we’ve also included the places where you can a copy of these resources online and off.

Blogs & Websites

Another good blog article on the importance of pursuing your passion, in this case, multiple passions. The Case for Pursuing Multiple Passions.

Still unsure where to start on how to pursue your passion, Cal Newport (blogger and author) has written a really good piece on The Minimalist’s Guide to Cultivating Passion.

Here is a good counter-argument to pursuing your passion, written by a minimalist lifestyle blogger. Why Pursuing Your Passion is Crappy Advice. You can pick up several interesting notions about the role of passion and the role of commitment and dedication in doing your job or whatever you set your mind to.


Here’s the video of Sylvester Stallone talking about his passion and how the Rocky movies came about.


Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (yes, it’s difficult to pronounce! Google it to learn how to pronounce it. 😀 ) produced a psychology book on how dedicated people (artists, writers, etc) become focused and dedicated to doing the tasks they do. Available via National Bookstore and

Got other resources?

Feel free to share with us other resources you may come across so others can benefit from those.

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