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I Read a Lot… Even When I’m in the Toilet…

Back in 2014, believe or not, I read a total of 40 books! Check out my Goodreads account here. Check out the following screenshot:


Oh yes. 40 books in a year! That’s 3.33 books per month. This year, I’m signing up for a bigger challenge: read 52 books for the whole year. That’s one book per week on average.

But here’s the rub. I read a lot. And I read every chance I got–while riding in the MRT, while waiting in line just about anywhere… yes, anywhere, like even in the toilet.

If you’re not a reader, you might ask me “WHY?”

1. I like to enter another world.

I love Science Fiction and Fantasy and if you check out my Goodreads book list for 2014, there are a ton of SciFi and Fantasy there. In fact, two of the longest books I read last year are veritable door stoppers–they are more than 1,000 pages each! Imagine! And yes, they belong to a series written by Brandon Sanderson called “The Stormlight Archive.” Good stuff.

By the way, I’m just about giving up that George RR Martin will release “The Winds of Winter,” Book 6 of his series “A Song of Ice and Fire” (more popularly known as the Game of Thrones series).

I also discovered what is now called “Flintlock Fantasy” and if you’re history buff who loves all things “Napoleonic era”, you’ll definitely love it. Muskets and magic? Perfect combination!

I also read lots and lots of YA Fantasy stuff, particularly the Percy Jackson series written by teacher-turned-bestselling-author Rick Riordan.

2. I love learning.

I’ve read books last year about speed reading, note-taking, podcasting, and a couple of other nonfiction. And yeah, I cheated just a little bit by including my own books: “Start Up: Find your place. Engage the world. Sustain your life.” and “May Powers Ka to Be #SuperEpic“. A lot of these books are very short and very practical. So it definitely helped in bringing the number of books I read to 40.

3. I don’t like waiting.

Thankfully, I have the Kindle app in my Android phone. Wherever I go, I can just bring out my phone and start reading. As long as I’m not crossing the road, climbing the stairs, or squeezing myself out of a train, I’m good. I can read just about anything, anytime, anywhere.

Books are still the best source of my entertainment. If I am engrossed with a book, I can easily devour and finish a 500-page book within 2-3 days.

And yeah, sleep gets postponed if I’m really involved in a book I’m reading.

Do you want to read a lot of books, too?

What’s preventing you from doing that? Matratraffic ka rin naman araw-araw, you might as well do something productive, learn, or at least be entertained.

By the way, when you take on a reading challenge this year, track the books you read. Follow me on Goodreads.

Oh, not sure how to use Goodreads? Check out our simple guide here.

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