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Individuals and companies offer different products and services to address various human needs. If you’re hungry, you just go to the market to buy meat and veggies so you can cook them. If you’re really hungry, you go to a restaurant to order cooked food. In order to have money to buy food and other needs, you’ll need money, right? And to have money, you offer your knowledge, skills, and abilities to companies. Given our many needs as humans, different markets and industries have emerged as groupings of these products and services. As you think about your calling and career path you want to pursue, it’s helpful to identify the industries, which you can enter.

Here’s a list of industries in the Philippines. Look at their descriptions, it may help you decide what kind of career path to pursue. Please take note that these industries may also overlap with each other, especially in relation to functions.


Accountants are very much in demand in the country and abroad. If you have a penchant for numerical skills, organizing, reporting, and auditing expenses, accountancy is a viable career option. Before you can practice, however, you will need a license. Related jobs: Auditing, bookkeeping, accountant, tax consultant.

Administration and Management

Companies are looking for managers and leaders who can help organizations and companies achieve their goals. This set of jobs help organizations manage their day-to-day affairs, process paper works, and provide the backbone that will propel the organization forward. Related jobs: Manager in various functions (I.T., finance, marketing, human resources).

Banking and Financial Services

Banks keep and grow people’s money. They also lend money to individuals and companies for various purposes. Moreover, a lot of banks also offer investment services for people who want to earn more in the money market. Related jobs: tellers, loan officers, investment officers, credit analysts, customer service officers, traders, collection agents, etc.

Business Process Outsourcing / Call Center

While call centers are the most famous member of the BPO industry, companies that provide email, and other business-related back end support are also important. So important in fact, that the BPO industry is second only to OFW remittances in terms of revenues generated. Related jobs: Customer Service Representative, IT help desk, Directory Assistance, Telemarketing, Email support, and business support to other industries: medical transcription, Human Resource processing, legal transcription, and credit card fraud monitoring among others.

Education and Training

Children, young people, and adults will always be learning–in schools and even in companies. Teaching can happen in a formal school setting. But learning is also much needed by companies: for new hires, those who are newly promoted, and those who need to upgrade their skills to keep up with the demands of the market or industry. Related jobs: Teacher, Trainer, Career Coach.


The Engineering industry also spills over into other industries (i.e. Construction, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Mining, etc) but Engineers are still very much in demand in the country and abroad. Most of the time, a license is needed before you can practice legally. Related jobs: Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Metallurgical Engineer.

Food Services

People will always need food. There are various ways in addressing this need. Some put up turo-turo restaurants, others offer fast food, and still others offer a fine dining experience. Other entrepreneurs also offer processed food or catering services. Related jobs: Chef, Service Crew, Waiter, Baker, Nutritionist.

Health Care / Medical / Pharmaceutical

This industry is not just about doctors. It also encompasses a wide range of products and services: nurses, X-ray services, pharmacists, and even medical representatives. Most of the time, licenses are also necessary before you can practice legally. Related jobs: Nurse, Doctor (of various specialization), Pharmacist, Radiologist, Medical Technologist, Dentist, Physical Therapist.

Hotel Services and Tourism

Given the booming tourism industry in the country, jobs in this industry are very much in demand–here in the Philippines, in cruise ships, and even in other countries. Related jobs: Hotel Staff, Receptionist, Events Manager, Housekeeping, Bar tender.

Human Resources Management

Closely related to the Administrative and Management, and Training Industries, Human Resources Management is its own industry. Since the biggest resource of organizations and companies are its people, they need to be motivated and treated appropriately so as to maximize their welfare and that of the organization’s. Related jobs: HR generalist, Recruitment Officer, Compensation and Benefits officer, Training.


Risk and liability are part of life, owning a house or a business, and a motor vehicle. While an insurance may be looked at as a financial product or service, it has evolved to become an industry all its own. Related jobs: Actuarial, Insurance agent, Underwriter, Appraisers, Claims Processing, and Service Representative.

Information Technology

One of the fastest growing industries all over the world, IT is also becoming a bright spot in the Philippine economy. While it is closely related to the BPO industry, the IT industry has grown to include home-based jobs related to Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization among others. Related jobs: Programmer, Software Engineer, Database Specialist, Networking Specialist, Web designer, web developer, and online Content Writer.

Journalism, Mass Media and New Media

Writing and broadcasting have come a long way and have crossed over to digital media platforms. This industry requires creativity, content development, and production. You can explore careers in newspapers, radio, TV, cable, and online media outfits. Related jobs: Writer for newspapers and magazines, DJ, Segment Producer, Production Assistant, Editor, Photographer, Videographer, Camera man, Producer.

Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, and PR

This industry also crosses over with some aspect of Journalism and Mass Media but its intent is more towards communicating and selling products through media. It also involves working with a brands and companies who want to reach out their audiences for better engagement. Related jobs: Market researcher, Brand Marketer, Creatives, Graphic Artist, Videographer, Copywriter, Marketing officer, Field marketers, Promodizers.

Real Estate

With the booming construction industry, Real Estate is emerging as one of the important industries in the Philippines. The government recently required a licensure examination for Real Estate brokers and agents. Related jobs: Broker, Agent, Property manager, Appraiser, Developer.

Religious, Social Work, & Community Development

Churches and Non-Government Organizations cater to the well-being of people, especially relating to spiritual matters, and in case of NGOs, they provide services to marginalized sectors and peoples who would, otherwise, have no access to these crucial services. While considered by others as “vocation”, this collection of jobs appeal to service-minded individuals. Related jobs: Pastors, Counselors, Ministers, Priests, Social Worker, Community worker, Community Development officer.


To reach people, products and goods need to be distributed and sold near the places where people are. This is what retail is for–provide goods and products to the end users who need them. Your typical Sari-sari Store counts as a retail outlet, but other, bigger, retailers such as Supermarkets are growing all over the country. Related jobs: Marketing, Store operations, Design.


Since the Philippines is considered as the text-messaging capital and the Social Networking capital of the world, telecommunication services are really important. These jobs are in high demand here and abroad. Related jobs: Electronics and Communications Engineer, IT, programmers, Customer Service Representatives.

Transportation and Logistics

Local logistics companies are also expanding and growing alongside their global counterparts. With more than 11 Million Filipinos abroad, transportation and logistics need to deliver packages and transport various goods and services to and from the Philippines. Related jobs: Customs Administration Officer, Operators and Laborers, Drivers, IT, Engineering.


This is but an introduction to the industries that you can find a job in. You may also consider setting up a business in these industries. If you want a more in-depth view of these industries, please get a copy of’s book “Jumpstart Your Career: The Handbook to Finding Your Dream Job” available from National Bookstore and other major bookstores.

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