Recommended Podcasts for the Pinoy Yuppie

I’m a big fan of podcasts. They help me beat boredom, especially if I’m commuting. They help me learn so many new things. In fact, I’m such a big fan of podcasts that I’ve written my 5 reasons why you should listen to podcasts, too.

If you want to listen to podcasts, too, you can start by subscribing to the following:


Homegrown Podcasts

EntrePinas with Rigel Dayrit

I was pleasantly surprised in December 2013 when I stumbled upon Rigel Dayrit’s podcast EntrePinas. He features homegrown entrepreneurs, the story of their businesses and what aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from those stories. It’s the first of its kind that I encountered. Rigel Dayrit works as a Business Analyst in a BPO company but he’s also taking his Masters in Entrepreneurship.

Check out the EntrePinas podcast here. You can also connect with Rigel on

Subscribe to EntrePinas via iTunes or via RSS feed.

FreelanceBlend with Marv De Leon

Freelancing is a growing occupation in the Philippines. If you want to learn how to be a freelancer, do check out the series of interviews that Marv De Leon is producing. He has interviewed the likes of blogger Anton Diaz, Fitz Villafuerte, and Stef Gonzaga.

Check out the FreelanceBlend podcast here.

Better Work Podcast with Stef Gonzaga and Celine Roque

Stef Gonzaga of and Celine Roque of are two of the most respected freelancers in the Philippines today. They decided to team up and bring us the Better Work Podcast, which is an awesome podcast, by the way. The format of the show is two hosts bantering and talking about best practices for freelancers. Stef has been in the freelance business since 2008 while Celine has been at it since 2003. Expect fully packed episodes from this awesome duo.

Check out the Better Work Podcast here.

New Business Podcast with Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker isn’t a Filipino but he’s living in Cebu, and he’s a very popular blogger, podcaster, and business owner among the best bloggers of the world. He rubs elbows with the likes of Pat Flynn and other bloggers in the United States. He also runs a very successful Virtual Assistant company.

Check out the podcast here. Subscribe to the New Business Podcast via iTunes or via RSS feed.

Protips with Maloi Salumbides

Technically, Protips isn’t a podcast. It’s a five-minute workplace devotional that airs over 702 DZAS on the AM band. But it’s a very good show that can jumpstart your day. You can subscribe to the Protips RSS feed here. Protips also has a thriving community online. Check out the Protips Community page on

The Happy Yuppie with Mighty Rasing

Of course, I will not leave out my own podcast here. What did you think? The Happy Yuppie podcast is dedicated to help you pursue your calling, engage the world, and sustain your life. Whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur, or what I call a social servant, if you want to make the most out of your career, listen to this. Do check out my Podcast page here. Connect with me on

Subscribe to the Happy Yuppie via RSS feed here. You can also subscribe via iTunes here.

Podcast from Across the Seas

Career Tools

Career Tools deal with many things that you and I face in the workplace – dealing with colleagues, choosing what company to work for, how to ask for a pay raise and a whole lot more. Subscribe to Career Tools via iTunes or via RSS feed.

This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt used to be the CEO of Thomas Nelson publishers. He blogs about leadership, productivity, tech, and so much more. He is also the New York Times Bestselling author of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. If you go to his blog, you can improve your productivity, and develop your leadership skills, too! Subscribe to This is Your Life via iTunes or via RSS feed.

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is an awesome guy. He blogs about various ways he’s making money online. But he’s not just out to get your money. He has super helpful tutorials, articles, and resources for the Internet Entrepreneur. Subscribe to the Smart Passive Income podcast via iTunes or via RSS feed.


As I discover new podcasts to listen to, I will post them here.

How about you, do you have podcast recommendations? Post them in the comments please.

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