Should We Really Abolish the Sangguniang Kabataan?

A while back, I mused here on the blog on the question: “Should we abolish the Sangguniang Kabataan” That was probably three years ago. Now that we are about to elect our barangay officials and SK officials in October, a lot of people are now asking if we should really abolish the Sangguniang Kabataan. In my blog post, I highlighted the following statement:

Like it or not, the SK is here to stay (at least for another three years if those who want to abolish it have their way)! If you or somebody you know wins in the SK elections, help them! How?

It seems that National Youth Commission Assistant Secretary Percival Cendaña has some answer to that. In an interview in ANC’s Headstart, Cendaña highlighted the following reforms that should be instituted:

Change the age of SK voters from 15-18 years old to 15-21 years old.

SK officials to be elected should be at least 18 years old. This makes sense, since only those who are at least 18 years can officially enter into contracts.

Young leaders should be held liable for the funds they use and how they perform in office. By being held liable, they will be subject to accountability and this may deter them to start early in preventing corruption.

You can watch the Video interview here.



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