The Big List of Rainy Day Songs for the Rainy Season

Back in pre-school, we used to sing “rain, rain go away. Come again another day. Little Suzie wants to play.”

These days, though, as much as you want the rain to go away, it just won’t. Instead, every morning (or afternoon), you keep singing “Pumapatak na naman ang ulan sa bubong ng bahay…” except you’re not at home though you seriously wish you were.

But if you grew up in the 1990s and of all days you wore a pair of white pants, you could just exclaim in frustration with “Bodjie’s Law of Gravity” “Bakit ba naman ngayon pa umulan.” If you don’t know Bodjie’s Law of Gravity, they’re the same guys who gave us “Sana Dalawa ang Puso Ko” gets?

To kill the frustration and the blues, or if you want to just be melancholic this season of downpour, take your pick from our big list of rainy day songs below.

Filipino Originals (because OPM is so 1990s!)

Bakit Ba Naman Ngayon Pa Umulan by Bodjie’s Law of Gravity

Moral of this song? Don’t ever wear puting pantalon during the rainy season…

Ulan by Rivermaya

Nothing beats the old Rivermaya when Bamboo and Rico Blanco were still under the Rivermaya umbrella.

Pumapatak na Naman ang Ulan by APO Hiking Society

Some classic Tagalog song to keep you company when you don’t feel like going to work (or school)…

Pumapatak na Naman ang Ulan by Parokya ni Edgar

A contemporary take on an old classic. Music’s a lil different but the barkada vibe is definitely there.

Umaaraw, Umuulan by Rivermaya

Umaaraw, Umuulan… but these days, it’s mainly Umuulan, Umuulan, at Umuulan pa ulit.

Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka by Eraserheads

For you couples out there, it’s nice to cuddle and sing “Tuwing Umuulan at Kapilin Ka.” For you singles, well… you can skip the “Kapiling Ka” part.

Tag-ulan by AfterImage

Many fingers got burned in the guitar frets while trying to learn the guitar. In addition to Line to Heaven’s D-A-G-A chord pattern, this one was one of the songs that taught me the guitar.

Masilungan by Sandwich

Not a very popular song but I like the way Sandwich merged the love motif and the environmental bit…

Ambon by True Faith

Long before “Acoustic” was a thing, there was True Faith.

Rainsong by Imago

It’s a song with virtually no lyrics sung. But that’s not a problem, just mumble while the rain rages.

Pag-Agos Up by Dharma Down

From one of my fave bands Up Dharma Down. The feels! The feels!

Buhos ng Ulan by Callalily

Putik Sandwich

Basang-Basa sa Ulan by Aegis

Ulan by Cueshe

Saranggola sa Ulan by Gary Granada

Salbabida by Kyla

Ulan by Johnoy Danao

Johnoy Danao is considered as the Philippines’ best kept secret. And I agree! This song is a great rain-themed love song.

Sukob Na – Aiza Seguerra (ABS-CBN Station ID)

Tila by Lani Misalucha

Rainbow by Southborder

Come On In Out of the Rain by Sheryn Regis

Rain by Donna Cruz

Donna Cruz was my childhood artista crush. Batang 1990s represent! Not a big fan of this song but hey, it’s Donna Cruz!

From Across the Seas

Coz we know you still love bands and singers from around across the seas (well, USA mainly) so here are some songs you can enjoy. We’ve put the more recent ones right below. But if you dig the oldies and the classics, scroll down and enjoy listening to old goodies such as “Singing in the Rain” by Gene Kelly and “Crying in the Rain” by the Everly Brothers.

Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

I Need You – Leann Rimes

It Will Rain – Bruno Mars

A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall by Jason Mraz

Flood by Jars of Clay

I Love the Rain – Lenny Kravitz

Stranded by Plumb

Officially Missing You by Tamiya

Umbrella by Rihanna

Through the Rain Mariah Carey

All of Me – John Legend

“My head’s under water but I’m breathing fine…”

Only Happy When It Rains – Garbage

Eric Clapton – Let It Rain

Grateful Dead – Box of Rain

Guns n Roses – November Rain

Rain in the Summertime – the Alarm

Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song

A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall by Bob Dylan

Rainy Days and Mondays – The Carpenters

Rain by the Beatles

Purple Rain by Prince and Beyonce live at the 26th Annual Grammy’s

Frank Sinatra – Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

Gene Kelly – Singing in the Rain

Rhythm of the Rain by The Cascades

Crying in the Rain by the Everly Brother


Hey if you know a “rainy day song” and we missed it, share it in the comments below.

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