The Filipino Methodist is Back as a Magazine

Long time ago, The United Methodist Church in the Philippines had a monthly publication called The Filipino Methodist. It was a newsletter printed on newsprint and sent to subscribers by mail. It folded in 2010 after being in existence since 1969.

In the age before the Internet, the Filipino Methodist newsletter was the main way for Filipino Methodists to read about ministry news and features from all over the Philippines. Because of the increasing costs of printing and sustainability issues, it had to shut down.

But now, 7 years after it folded, the Filipino Methodist is back as a magazine. Kudos to Tita Phebe G. Crismo, publisher, Kuya Fort Nicolas, editor, and their team for working hard to bring this publication back.

For now, the magazine will be published quarterly, but the Board of Christian Education and Discipleship of the Philippines Central Conference plans to move to a bi-monthly, and hopefully monthly publication by 2019.

The first issue of The Filipino Magazine includes some resources for celebrating Christian Education month in September, reflections on the demise and revival of The Filipino Magazine publication, columns from Bishop Daniel Arichea, Jr., and Rev. Joey Umali. In addition, this issue contains several news and features articles written by clergy and lay members of the UMC as part of the writers’ workshop conducted in the Davao Episcopal Area.

I don’t know how much the cover price is, but this is certainly an important communication platform for United Methodists in the Philippines. If you are a Filipino Methodist, please consider supporting this homegrown publication.

To get your copy of The Filipino Methodist Magazine, please contact Ms. Phebe G. Crismo or Ms. Mary Joyce Villanueva of the Board of Christian Education & Discipleship (BCED).

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