4 Fears that New Graduates Have to Face

About 700,000 graduates this year will enter the workforce very soon. If you’re one of them, I’d like to say (with the voice of Morpheus) “Welcome to the Real World!”

A lot of these graduates probably have jobs now. But a greater number probably doesn’t.

Whether you’re employed or still waiting, actively hunting, here are 4 common fears to deal with.

Take heart though, if you face these fears, you’ll only become stronger and better able to build a fulfilling, sustainable life.

1. The Economy & Unemployment.

While the Philippines has a growing economy and we received a lot of positive vibes from the recent World Economic Forum, the unemployment rate is still high! In fact, it even increased to 7.5 in January 2014.

Almost a decade ago, the country had too many Nursing graduates. A lot of them ended up unemployed. But the others got creative & looked for jobs in different industries. Some of them became call center agents; others became Medical Transcriptionists, and still, others got additional training & skills so they can apply for new jobs.

Companies in the country still have a bias for graduates of the top Colleges & Universities. But even if you didn’t come from those schools, take an inventory of your skills & abilities and be confident. My book Start Up: Find Your Place, Engage the World. Sustain Your Life” helps you come with this.

2. Becoming a Breadwinner.

breadFamily. That set of people that built our first memories & developed us into who we are now.

Your family might have hung a huge tarpaulin in front of your home announcing your graduation. And oftentimes, family members also expect you to contribute to family expenses.

If you don’t have thus problem, well and good. But a lot of new graduates are given a cape, and a costume with a big BW mark: BREADWINNER.

The reasons are many: Papa had a stroke; Mama can’t work because of a disability; or they just can’t find jobs because they don’t have employable skills. In cases like this, you may hear phrases like: “Ikaw lang ang pag-asa namin…” “Bahala ka na magpaaral sa mga kapatid mo ha?”

It’s a tough job, often bordering on the Superhero realm.

3. Adjustments. Lots of adjustments.

Getting a job sometimes means relocating from the province to the big city. Or even if you’re from Metro Manila, you may also decide to leave your parents’ home so you can live on your own. Check out the Pros and Cons of going independent in this post.

Either way, you ‘ll need to make adjustments. Lots of ’em.

You won’t be seeing your friends as much as you want to. Heck, some of them may even drift away.

You gotta learn to cook your meals or at least discover all the best and inexpensive places to eat.

You’ll also need to learn budgeting. Big time. Because if you don’t, your paycheck might not be enough to sustain you till the next payday. And that’s a bad idea.

4. Transportation Hell

Traffic is bad. Try going to Makati on a bus during rush hour. Or take the MRT. Or LRT for that matter.


You will learn that your present definition of patience is so, totally outdated! You’ll need to expand it like a big hot air balloon. Mind you, this is not a sigh of resignation but it’s just a daily reality for workers in Metro Manila.

So you’ll need to be creative. Find ways to entertain yourself while making the most out of commute time.

These are just 4 of the common fears from new graduates. But alongside these fears, there’s a sense of excitement for the possibilities and of course, a chance to build an awesome life.

Can you add another fear that new graduates need to face?

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