How to Enjoy Your Days Off

Have you ever worked nonstop for at least two weeks? Do you remember how stressed you were and things didn’t seem to work out?

“All work and no play makes you dull,” so they say. It’s true! I’ve been in situations where I go to work at 10am and leave at 11pm! I did it straight for ten days. By the eleventh day, I had to call in sick and work (minimally) from home.


You should have off days, they are extremely important in your work-life balance and in ensuring that you have enough energy for more work. Too often though, people fill their off days with more activities that they barely have room to breathe! Here are the top four things you should do on your off days.

Rest and Recharge. Don’t wake up early. Stay in bed for as long as you want to. It is your off day, after all!

Get spiritual. No matter what your religion is, you can get spiritual on your off day. Walk in the park and meditate. Pray. Worship God. Go to church. Center your mind on spiritual things.

Housekeeping. Have you put off mowing the lawn for the longest time? Do some household chores. It can bring a welcome change to your office routines. By organizing your things, dealing with boxes and with other things at home, you open up different portals of your mind and you just might be surprised by an insight that will hit you.

Time with Family and/or Friends. Your spouse and your kids need to feel your presence, your love and your time! Go watch a movie. Play baseball or basketball. Go fishing with them. It will be a good time to catch up with the events in their lives.

Don’t do work on your off days!

Let me repeat that. DON’T DO WORK ON YOUR OFF DAYS!!!

Sure, you might have to do some occasional overtime and business travels but you need to treat your off days as sacred time for resting and recharging lost energies. It will also prep you up for whatever challenges lie ahead.

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