Productive Pinoy: A Book Review

productivepinoyThe single most popular negative trait of Filipinos is perhaps the Manana Habit also known as the “mamaya na syndrome”.

The motto of chronic procrastinators seems to be “Why do today what you can do tomorrow!”

A lot of people could give lots of excuses. They’ll blame the traffic, the dog who ate their assignments, or the neighbor’s Videoke, which made them stay up late last night.

Seriously, we Pinoys need to cut back on those excuses and develop new sets of habits that will help us become a better people, better persons and more productive citizens. Just last night, I heard a radio show where the host said: “If you’re able bodied and still strong, there’s no excuse for you NOT to be productive and earn some money.”

Productive Pinoy,” written by Yeng Remulla explores the funny, and often embarrassing side of Pinoy unproductiveness, the barriers to success, and provides amazing tips to help boost Pinoy Productivity.

What I liked with the book:

It’s witty.

Yeng is very witty and funny. But that only serves to get his message across. His essays are short enough to be digested in one sitting. Actually, I found myself breezing through the book in just a day! That’s how fun it is to read Productive Pinoy.

Full of practical tips

Yeng sometimes makes fun of our usual excuses as Pinoys. He takes usual Filipino idioms and turns them on their head. While reading the book, I found myself smiling and openly laughing at the examples he cited in the book. You can certainly relate with the way he described Filipino drivers who consider the Red Traffic Light as “go faster!”

But he doesn’t stop there, he actually provides tips and practical suggestions on how to beat these usual Filipino productivity problems. He even explores various personal problems in the office, personal finance and of course, productivity.


On top of the productivity tips, Yeng Remulla also explores Pinoy spirituality. You can feel his sincere spirituality and idealism from his writing. It’s easier to berate Pinoys for negative traits and habits.

Rooted in Pinoy culture

Lastly, Productive Pinoy is rooted in Filipino culture. You can really relate at the examples he cites or you can identify a family member, or an officemate who actually embodies some of these traits.

If you want to be a better professional and a better Filipino, too, read Productive Pinoy.

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