UMC Campus Ministry Part 4: Deployment to the Campus

Hello friends, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve posted several thoughts on youth and young adult ministries of the United Methodist Church in the Philippines. One of my posts that received attention is on campus ministry. That’s why I am posting here the model and concept paper that I have prepared over the past few months. If you want to implement this, please go ahead. Just give credit where credit is due. Thanks!

This is the Part 4 of a 6-part Series.

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It is very important for the UMC and the leaders of the church that this is a LONG-TERM project and should not be based only on the funds received through grants and other means. A lot of leaders in the church may also demand quick results within a year or two of this ministry. That is not the intention of this ministry.

This, however, is not an excuse for the lack of short term results. Instead, what this ministry needs to implement is a list of Year-on-Year Metrics that will be measured. The metrics will not only include numbers of students engaged and the giving of students, but rather, it should also include other qualitative measures such as the changes in the lives of the students.

The church will need to invest in this ministry for at least 5 years! That would be a good time frame to test the model and look at the impact of this ministry.

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